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About Medigroup International

Medigroup International DWC LLC is a Pharmaceutical Trading Company located in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in the export of products manufactured in India to our clients who are primarily mainstream NGO’s, Governmental Procurement Agencies principally in Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as...

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What is Procurement?

“Procurement is the act of acquiring goods, services or works from an external source. It is essential that these goods, services or works are appropriate and that they are procured at the best possible cost to meet the needs of the acquirer in terms of quality, quantity, time and location.”

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How do we do it?

At Medigroup we act as a Procurement Agency for and on behalf of third parties, taking over the buying portfolio and identifying their specifications through to final delivery. Throughout the process we insist on providing you, the client, with transparent administration of all transactions.

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Provide accurate quotes from approved manufacturers and short & full line wholesalers.


Once we have established suitable supplies we will place an order to ensure stocks are delivered in timely manner.


We will organise shipping of these lines to an approved medical warehouse.


Medicinal stocks are stored in a temperature controlled warehouse, packed and ready for shipment.


Each invoice is acompanied by a packing list detailing expiry dates and all batches for future traceability.


All products will be loaded onto pallets ready for instructions from your forwarding shipping agents.

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Why choose us?

The professional and effective global buying power you can expect to gain by outsourcing your procurement needs through Medigroup International will be evident. In addition to cost savings and highly effcient management you can feel secure knowing that we will always:

  • Procure the correct drugs, in the specified quantities, at the most competitive prices, within the desired time frame.
  • Select reliable suppliers of high quality products.
  • Ensure all suppliers have been approved by the local authorities.
Need support?

Contact us if you need further assistance.

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